Vortex XML-RPC: XML-RPC profile support and related functions


#define VORTEX_XML_RPC_PROFILE   "http://iana.org/beep/xmlrpc"
 Unique uri profile identificador for the XML-RPC.


enum  VortexXmlRpcState { XmlRpcStateUnknown, XmlRpcStateBoot, XmlRpcStateReady }
 Enum value to represent XML-RPC channel initialization status. More...


void vortex_xml_rpc_accept_negociation (VortexXmlRpcValidateResource validate_resource, gpointer validate_user_data, VortexXmlRpcServiceDispatch service_dispatch, gpointer dispatch_user_data)
 Allow to start receiving incoming XML-RPC request, setting two handlers to validate and process them.
void vortex_xml_rpc_boot_channel (VortexConnection *connection, gchar *serverName, gchar *resourceName, VortexXmlRpcBootNotify process_status, gpointer user_data)
 Perform initial boot step to get confirmation from remote server to accept incoming XML-RPC under the given resource.
VortexChannelvortex_xml_rpc_boot_channel_sync (VortexConnection *connection, gchar *serverName, gchar *resourceName, VortexStatus *status, gchar **status_message)
 Perform a synchronous (blocking) XML-RPC channel boot.
VortexXmlRpcState vortex_xml_rpc_channel_status (VortexChannel *channel)
 Allows to get current XML-RPC channel boot status for the given channel.
void vortex_xml_rpc_invoke (VortexChannel *channel, XmlRpcMethodCall *method_call, XmlRpcInvokeNotify reply_notify, gpointer user_data)
 Perform an asynchronous invocation using the XML-RPC profile.
XmlRpcMethodResponsevortex_xml_rpc_invoke_sync (VortexChannel *channel, XmlRpcMethodCall *method_call)
 Perform a synchronous XML-RPC invocation.
gboolean vortex_xml_rpc_is_enabled ()
 Allows to get current Vortex Library XML-RPC built-in support.
void vortex_xml_rpc_notify_reply (XmlRpcMethodCall *method_call, XmlRpcMethodResponse *method_response)
 Allows to notify a reply that has been generated from the given XmlRpcMethodCall object.