XmlRpcMethodCall * vortex_xml_rpc_method_call_new gchar *  methodName,
gint  parameters

Creates a new method call object, representing a remote procedure invocation.

The object created by this function could be understood as a object invocator, or a closure, that is, an high level object that represents an method to be invoked.

Once the object is created by this function, it is needed (if necessary) to add parameter values to it. This is done by using the following functions:

Once the method object is completely built, then a call to the following function is required to actually perform the invocation:

Keep in mind that the invocator created by this function could be reused several times. But, when no longer needed, a call to vortex_xml_rpc_method_call_free.

methodName The method name to invoke. This value must be not NULL. The function will perform a local copy, so methodName passed in value could be unrefered once this function finish.
parameters The number of parameters this method invocator object will contain. This value must be greater or equal to 0.
A new XmlRpcMethodCall object, or NULL if it fails. The function could only fail if it receive wrong parameters values according to parameter description.