VortexChannel * vortex_xml_rpc_boot_channel_sync VortexConnection connection,
gchar *  serverName,
gchar *  resourceName,
VortexStatus status,
gchar **  status_message

Perform a synchronous (blocking) XML-RPC channel boot.

This function perform the same operation like vortex_xml_rpc_boot_channel function but in a blocking manner. This function is ideal for batch process and every system that requires a blocking remote method invocation.

In the case that an asynchronous method invocation is required, vortex_xml_rpc_boot_channel should be used.

The function allows to provide references to an optional status and an optional message variables, so the caller could perform a better error reporting.

connection The connection where the XML-RPC invocation will be performed, actually, the connection where the XML-RPC channel will be created.
serverName For those connection that didn't server serverName virtual host mechanism, this value will be used. Keep in mind that previous channels could be already negotiated the serverName identity making this value to be ignored. The serverName value is negotiated for the first channel requesting it, but once done, its value is global to the session, that is the given connection you are using. This parameter is optional. If a NULL value is provided, the serverName attribute will be not used.
resourceName The resource name requested to be accepted. This parameter is not optional. If a NULL value is provided, the resource "/" will be used as default value.
status An optional status reference that will be filled with the process termination status.
status_message An optional message reference that will be filled with a textual diagnostic, explaining termination status.
A channel already initialized with the XML-RPC profile or NULL if it fails.