Af-Arch: Framework Documentation Center


Wellcome to Af-Arch documentation center

Wellcome to Af-Arch documentation center. Here, you will find all you may need to develop your application using a robust, stable and well test n-tier technology.

We are pleased having you using this technology no matter if you pretend to develop an Open Source or a propieraty application. Both models are wellcome.

We encourage you to start your application and, if you can, try to sell it other people or simple make it public to other ones. It's up to you.

Remember that all question not answered on this documentation center have an easy solution: use the mailing list. You will find all available mailling lists at

We need you to report any error, sugestion or improvement you may find while using this documentation center at the mailling list

Before starting to use Af-Arch framework, you have to check out license document to ensure this platform fulfill your license requirements. Then you can check the list of features supported by the plaform and the What is the Af-Arch document. This will save you lot of time.

This documentation center is divided into the following categories:

Af-Arch professional support