[LibAfDal-Af-Kernel]: Client stub for application written in C to use Af-Kernel services.

LibAfdal-Af-Kernel layer allows to invoke services exported by Af-Arch central server related to Af-Arch users, groups, servers installed and permissions.

This component, which is usually called an STUB connector, is entirely genereted by af-gen tool. Documentation inside this library it is also generated by af-gen tool using af-gen independent documentation format. This independent documentation format it is translated into this document used doxygen syntax.

Previous feature is also provided to any STUB connector generated by af-gen tool.

LibAfdal-Af-Kernel layer provides more services than those showed on this API. Those services, as login or logout service, are directly handled by LibAfDal layer. That's way they are not provided by this layer.

LibAfDal-Af-Kernel API documentation: