[Vortex Library]: A BEEP Core (RFC3080/RFC3081) implementation.

Vortex Library an implementation of the RFC 3080 / RFC 3081 standard definition for the BEEP Core protocol mapped into TCP/IP layer written in c.

It have been developed by Advanced Software Production Line, S.L. (http://www.aspl.es) as a requirement for the Af-Arch project (http://fact.aspl.es).

Vortex Library have been implemented keeping in mind security and DOS attack avoidance. It has a consitent and easy to use API which will allow you to write application protocols really fast.

The library will ensure the API backward compatibility in the future and, at this moment, it is running on GNU/Linux platforms and Microsoft Windows platforms.

The Vortex library is intensively used by the Af-Arch project but as RFC implementation it can be used in a standalone way apart from Af-Arch.

The following section represents documents you may find useful to get an idea if Vortex Library is right for you. It talks about features, some insights about its implementation and licenses issues.

The following documents are related to how to use Vortex Library. Installing, using it and some tutorial to get Vortex Library working for you sooner.

You can also check the Vortex Library API documentation:

Miscellaneous documents

The following section holds all documents that didn't fall into any previous category:

Contact Us

You can reach us at the Af-Arch mailing list: at aspl-fact-users for any question you may encounter. At this moment Vortex Library is an smaller component inside the Af-Arch project so questions about Vortex Library are also handled on that list.