_AfgsServicesProvided Struct Reference
[AfGs Services Module: Support for services execution]

Detailed Description

Service data definition used to enable servers to export its services.

The data structure is used to hold all necessary information about services being exported by servers.

In the ancient days of the Af-Arch project, this structure was required to be filled by the programmer. This is no longer done by the programmer because Af-Gen tool creates it automaticaly for you.

This data structure have a service name to be executed, a services description, the service handler, a flag indication if the service is public or not, user defined data actual permission to be checked and permission dependencies for the given service.

Check each field to know more about the details.

Data Fields

gchar * actual_permission
 Name of the actual permission checked when receiving request for this service.
gchar * dependencies
 Comma-separated list of permissons this service depends on.
gchar * description
 Service description.
gboolean need_key
 Set if the current service is public or not.
gchar * service_name
 Service name field.
gboolean(* service_request_process_function )(CoyoteXmlServiceData *data, gpointer user_data, VortexChannel *channel, gint msg_no)
 Service handler This is actually the function to be executed by the server the a remote query comes.
gpointer user_data
 User data to pass to the service handler execution.