_CoyoteXmlServiceData Struct Reference
[CoyoteXml: Coyote layer message exchanged support and coyote profile implementation]

Detailed Description

A request/response coyote layer message.

This type represents a incoming request received on an af-arch server node or a request made from a client to an af-arch server node.

Data Fields

GList * item_list
 A list where each element is CoyoteXmlServiceNode elment.
gchar * name
 Represents the service request which is been answered to.
gchar * protocol_version
 Represents message's protocol version.
gchar * status
 Represents CoyoteXmlServiceData status response.
gchar * status_message
 Represents status message returned by remote Af-Arch server node.
CoyoteXmlServiceType type
 Represents the type of the given CoyoteXmlServiceData object.