__AfgsAfKey Struct Reference
[AfGs AfKeys Module: Support functions to manipulate Af-Keys]

Detailed Description

Af-Key structure representation.

This object is used to define the current af-key been used for the Af-Arch user connected using a particular connection.

The structure have the user name, the server name this Af-Key applies, a time stamp and a hash with current permission the user have.

Actually this is not necessary to be used while programming server components. However, if the service needs to perform some special operation according to actual permission status, this type will be used.

Data Fields

GHashTable * permission_hash
 A hash indexed by the permission, having as values current status for the given permission.
gchar * satellite_server
 The server name this Af-Key applies to.
glong time_stamp
 Current Af-Key time stamp (when this Af-Key have been created).
gchar * user
 The Af-Arch user name this Af-Key applies to.