void vortex_channel_pool_add_full ( VortexChannelPool pool,
int  num,
axlPointer  user_data 

Adds more channels to the pool provided, allowing to provide a pointer that will be passed to the channel creation function.

This function works like vortex_channel_pool_add, but under situations where the channel pool was created providing a VortexChannelPoolCreate handler at vortex_channel_pool_new_full, this function will allow to provide the pointer to be passed to the creation function.

This function will have the same effect as vortex_channel_pool_add if no channel creation function is configured on the pool provided.

See vortex_channel_pool_add_full for more information.

poolThe pool where the channels will be added.
numThe numbers of channels to add.
user_dataUser defined data to be passed to the creation function.

Referenced by vortex_channel_pool_add().