axl_bool vortex_channel_is_opened ( VortexChannel channel)

Return channel opened state.

This is actually used by vortex_reader thread to detect if an incoming message received can be delivered. Vortex reader use this function to detect if a channel is being closed but waiting for some received msg to be replied after sending close message.

Before issuing a close message to close a channel (vortex_channel_close) the channel must fulfill some steps. So, until reply to a close message is receive a channel is considered to be valid to keep on sending replies to received messages.

Note that this situation can take some time because remote peer, at the moment of receiving a close message, could have tons of message waiting to be sent.

Vortex library consumer can use this function to avoid sending message over a channel that can be on an ongoing closing process.

channelthe channel to operate on.
axl_true if a channel is opened or axl_false if not.

References vortex_connection_is_ok().