void vortex_channel_notify_close ( VortexChannel channel,
int  msg_no,
axl_bool  close 

Allows to notify the channel close after receiving the close notification request.

This function is used along with the handler VortexOnNotifyCloseChannel.

The idea behind is that you configure the VortexOnNotifyCloseChannel handler to get notification about the channel being requested to be closed, but no action is taken on that handler. Just notify.

Later, a call to this function must be performed to complete (close) or deny the request received.

This function provides a way to decouple close notification from its handling allowing to better integrate inside other environments that process all information from inside an main loop.

channelThe channel that is notified to take action about a close message received.
msg_noThe msg number that was received identifiying the close request received.
closeThe value to notify as answer to the request to close the channel.

References vortex_channel_get_connection(), vortex_channel_get_ctx(), vortex_channel_ref2(), vortex_channel_send_err(), vortex_channel_send_rpyv(), vortex_channel_unref2(), vortex_connection_get_channel(), vortex_connection_get_id(), vortex_connection_remove_channel(), vortex_connection_set_data(), vortex_frame_get_error_message(), vortex_frame_get_ok_message(), vortex_mutex_lock(), vortex_mutex_unlock(), and VortexConnectionCloseCalled.