axl_bool vortex_connection_parse_greetings_and_enable ( VortexConnection connection,
VortexFrame frame 

Allows to parse greetings reply received and prepare the connection to be become usable.

This function allows to parse a greetings reply received and set values received on that reply into the given connection. Values received are: profiles supported and localize and features attributes.

If the previous process is finished correctly, the connection is registered into the vortex reader so the connection could start to receive data from remote peer.

If the function fails while parsing greetings reply, the connection received will be set to be closed (that is, not usable). You should call to vortex_connection_unref if such situation happens. Because this function is to be used while implementing a profile that requires a tuning reset the vortex_connection_close function should not be used for close the connection.

This function also deallocate the frame received.

connectionThe connection where the greetings status checking will be performed.
frameThe frame containing a greeting reply
axl_true if the process have finished properly, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References vortex_frame_unref(), VortexOk, and VortexProtocolError.

Referenced by vortex_connection_do_greetings_exchange().