int vortex_connection_get_next_frame_size ( VortexConnection connection,
VortexChannel channel,
int  next_seq_no,
int  message_size,
int  max_seq_no 

Allows to get the amount of data to be used to build the next frame.

This function calls to the user defined configured handler on the connection, acting globally to all channels. If no handler is defined, the function returns -1.

connectionThe connection where a frame is about to be sent.
channelThe connection where the sending operation is taking place.
next_seq_noThis value represent the next sequence number for the first octect to be sent on the frame.
message_sizeThis value represent the size of the payload to be sent.
max_seq_noIs the maximum allowed seqno accepted by the remote peer. Beyond this value, the remote peer will close the connection.
The amount of payload to use into the next frame to be built. The function will return -1 if no handler is defined or connection reference received is null.

Referenced by vortex_channel_get_next_frame_size().