void vortex_connection_set_connection_actions ( VortexCtx ctx,
VortexConnectionStage  stage,
VortexConnectionAction  action_handler,
axlPointer  handler_data 

Allows to define custom actions to be implemented (by calling the function provided) at the connection creation.

ctxThe context that is going to be configured.
stageThe stage where the connection action will be installed.
action_handlerThe handler to be executed. The function can have several actions registered on a stage. All of them will be called in order as they were added.
handler_dataA user defined pointer to be passed to the action function.

See VortexConnectionAction and VortexConnectionStage for more information.

References vortex_mutex_lock(), and vortex_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by vortex_pull_init(), and vortex_tls_init().