int vortex_connection_foreach_channel ( VortexConnection connection,
axlHashForeachFunc  func,
axlPointer  user_data 

Allows to perform an iterator over all channels created inside the given connection.

Allows an application to iterate over all channel created over this session. This allows to check or do some operation over the session channels.

The channel iteration is made following the channel number order. First low-numbered channel following high-numbered ones.


1 void my_function_foreach (axlPointer key, axlPointer value, axlPointer user_data)
2 {
3  VortexChannel * channel = value;
5  // do some operation with the channel.
6 }
8 void my_function (VortexConnection * connection)
9 {
11  // do a channel foreach on this connection
12  vortex_connection_foreach_channel (connection, my_function_foreach, NULL);
14  return;
15 }
connectionthe connection where channels will be iterated.
functhe function to apply for each channel found
user_datauser data to be passed into the foreach function.
axl_true if the foreach operation was completed, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References vortex_connection_ref(), vortex_connection_unref(), and vortex_hash_foreach().