const char * vortex_connection_get_localize ( VortexConnection connection)

Returns current localize requested by the remote peer this connection is linked to.

Localize value is a way for the remote peer to advertise preferred language while generating textual diagnostics. If no localize is defined by the remote peer, that is, the value returned by this function is NULL, then you can generate the default language diagnostic.

You should not confuse this function with vortex_greetings_get_localize. That function is used to get preferred localize to be sent while connecting to a remote peer.

connectionThe connection where the greetings were received, signaling the localize requested.
Localize requested by the remote peer or NULL if no localize was defined. This function also return NULL if the connection is not connected (verified with vortex_connection_is_ok).

References vortex_connection_is_ok().