void vortex_connection_free ( VortexConnection connection)

Frees vortex connection resources.

Free all resources allocated by the vortex connection. You have to keep in mind if connection is already connected, vortex_connection_free will close all channels running on this and also close the connection.

Generally is not a good a idea to call this function. This is because every connection created using the vortex API is registered at some internal process (the vortex reader, sequencer and writer) so they have references to created connection to do its job.

To close a connection properly call vortex_connection_close.

connectionthe connection to free

References vortex_ctx_unref2(), vortex_frame_free(), vortex_hash_destroy(), vortex_hash_foreach2(), and vortex_mutex_destroy().

Referenced by vortex_connection_unref().