const char * vortex_connection_get_features ( VortexConnection connection)

Returns current features requested by the remote peer this connection is linked to.

Features are a way for the remote peer to advertise some requested feature. This is used/defined for each profile. Not all profiles makes use of the feature optional attribute. Value get from this function is the feature set by the remote peer. In case the remote peer is a Vortex Library one, this value is set using vortex_greetings_set_features.

Features are sent at greetings time, which is the initial handshake done between BEEP peers and it is previous to any channel created. Features could be considered globally to the connection.

You should not confuse this function with vortex_greetings_get_features. That function returns current status of features that will be sent to the remote peers while current host creates a new session.

NOTE: the value returned by this function is only the advised features content sent by remote BEEP peer; in any way is a set of features accepted or implemented. The application level must get the value from this function, process it and decide to support or not each feature. See CONNECTION_STAGE_PROCESS_GREETINGS_FEATURES and vortex_connection_set_connection_actions for a way to get a notification of features available. In general features are requested from initiator to listener, which means that this is only useful at server side.

connectionThe connection where the greetings were received, signaling the features request.
Features requested by the remote peer or NULL if none features was defined. This function also return NULL if the connection is not connected (verified with vortex_connection_is_ok).

References vortex_connection_is_ok().