void vortex_connection_seq_frame_updates ( VortexConnection connection,
axl_bool  is_disabled 

Allows to control if the provided connection will produce SEQ frame updates (send to the remote peer SEQ frames).

This function is useful for those profiles that requires a tune operation, like TLS, which needs to avoid sending additional information not controled by the application level (on top of vortex).

This function was introduced to avoid TLS negotiation to receive, in the middle of the negotiation, a SEQ frame update do to previous exchanges. However, this function is useful to other tunning profiles that may require full control on that is being sent or received from the wire.

connectionThe connection to be configured.
is_disabledaxl_true to disable SEQ frames update. axl_false to allow SEQ frames to be sent. (Default value is axl_false, that is, SEQ frames allowed).

NOTE: Value configured by this function can be retrieved by vortex_connection_seq_frame_updates_status.

NOTE 2: This configuration affect to all channels created on the connection provided.

References CONN_CTX, and vortex_connection_is_ok().