void vortex_ctx_server_name_acquire ( VortexCtx ctx,
axl_bool  status 

Allows to set a global configuration to enable/disable automatic serverName acquisition from connection host name used.

By default, this feature is enabled causing connection serverName to be defined to the same value to the connection hostname used, but it is not applied until first successful channel is created with serverName parameter to null.

In the same direction, if this feature is enabled but the user still passes a different serverName value for the first successful channel creation, then this is the value that will be used for serverName.

In the case the user does not want to pass any serverName value at channel creation, then it is required a call to this function with status set to axl_false.

ctxThe context where the configuration will take place.
statusaxl_true (default) to let vortex to request serverName feature based on current connection host name. Otherwise, axl_false to disable this feature.