typedef void(* VortexExternalOnPrepare)(VortexCtx *ctx, VortexConnection *conn, axlPointer user_data, axlPointer user_data2)

On prepare handler, a handler called after the connection (VortexConnection) was created and before any operation is done with the connection.

This handler is configured through configuration key: VORTEX_EXTERNAL_ON_PREPARE_HANDLER

1 vortex_external_setup_conf (setup, VORTEX_EXTERNAL_ON_PREPARE_HANDLER, __on_prepare_handler);
ctxThe context where to operate
connThe connection that was created
user_dataUser data configured with VORTEX_EXTERNAL_ON_PREPARE_USER_DATA
user_data2User data configured with VORTEX_EXTERNAL_ON_PREPARE_USER_DATA2