axl_bool vortex_greetings_send ( VortexConnection connection,
VortexConnectionOpts options 

Allows to send BEEP greetings message on the provided connection.

This function is usually not required.

Sends the BEEP init connection greeting over the channel 0 of this connection. This initial greetings message reply is sent by connection acting in listener role to remote BEEP client peer.

connectionThe connection where the greeting will be sent.
optionsOptional options to modify default greetings behavior.
axl_true if greetings message was sent or axl_false if not

References vortex_channel_send_rpy(), vortex_connection_get_channel(), vortex_connection_get_ctx(), vortex_connection_get_data(), vortex_connection_set_data(), vortex_profiles_get_actual_list_ref(), VortexError, and VortexProtocolError.

Referenced by vortex_listener_accept_connection().