void vortex_greetings_error_send ( VortexConnection connection,
const char *  xml_lang,
const char *  code,
const char *  message,

Allows to send a greetings error reply.

This is used by server implementation that wants to provide error messages under some conditions.

connectionThe connection where the error message will be sent.
xml_langOptional string configuring the language used for the message sent.
codeThe error code to report. See RFC3080 for details.
messageThe message format (printf-like) to be sent.

NOTE: The function shutdown the connection (vortex_connection_shutdown) since sending this kind of error message at greetings makes remote peer to also close the connection.

References vortex_channel_block_until_replies_are_sent(), vortex_channel_send_err(), vortex_connection_get_channel(), vortex_frame_get_error_message(), and VortexGreetingsFailure.

Referenced by vortex_listener_accept_connection().