typedef void(* VortexOnClosedNotificationFull)(VortexConnection *connection, int channel_num, axl_bool was_closed, const char *code, const char *msg, axlPointer user_data)

Async notifier for the channel close process, with support for a user defined data.

Function using this handler:

This function handler works as defined by VortexOnClosedNotification but without requiring an optional user data pointer. See also vortex_channel_close.

This handler allows to defined a notify function that will be called once the channel close indication is received. This is mainly used by vortex_channel_close to avoid caller get blocked by calling that function.

Data received is the channel num this notification applies to, the channel closing status and if was_closed is axl_false (the channel was not closed) code hold error code returned and msg the message returned by remote peer.

connectionthe connection on which the channel was closed
channel_numthe channel num identifying the channel closed
was_closedstatus for the channel close process.
codethe code representing the channel close process.
msgthe message representing the channel close process.
user_dataA user defined pointer established at function which received this handler.