typedef void(* VortexIoDispatch)(axlPointer fd_group, VortexIoDispatchFunc dispatch_func, int changed, axlPointer user_data)

Handler definition for the automatic dispatch implementation for the particular I/O mechanism selected.

This handler is used by:

If this handler is implemented, the VortexIoHaveDispatch must also be implemented, making it to always return axl_true. If this two handler are implemented, its is not required to implement the "is set?" functionality provided by VortexIoIsSetFdGroup (vortex_io_waiting_set_is_set_fd_group).

fd_groupA reference to the object created by the I/O waiting mechanism.
dispatch_funcThe dispatch user space function to be called.
changedThe number of descriptors that changed, so, once inspected that number, it is not required to continue.
user_dataUser defined data provided to the dispatch function once called.