typedef axl_bool(* VortexOnCloseChannel)(int channel_num, VortexConnection *connection, axlPointer user_data)

Async notification for incoming close channel request.

Functions using this handler:

This handler allows to control what to do on close channel notification. Close notification is received when remote peer wants to close some channel.

The handler must return axl_true if the channel can be close, otherwise axl_false must be returned.

If you need to not perform an answer at this function, allowing to deffer the decision, you can use VortexOnNotifyCloseChannel. That handler will allow to hold the close channel notification, to later complete the request by calling to a finish function.

channel_numThe channel num requesting to be closed.
connectionThe connection where the channel resides.
user_dataUser defined data passed in to this Async notifier.
axl_true if channel can be closed. To reject the close request return axl_false.