typedef axl_bool(* VortexOnStartChannel)(int channel_num, VortexConnection *connection, axlPointer user_data)

Async notification for start channel message received for a given profile.

Functions using this handler:

Handler is used to notify peer role that a channel is being asked to be created. The handler receives a reference to the connection where the channel is being requested.

If peer agree to create the channel axl_true must be returned. Otherwise, axl_false must be used.

You can get the reference to the VortexChannel object in trasint to be created, by using vortex_connection_get_channel, but keep in mind the channel is it transit to be created. This is useful if you want to configure something on the channel.

channel_numthe channel num for the new channel attempted to be created.
connectionthe connection where the channel is going to be created.
user_datauser defined data passed in to this async notifier.
axl_true if the new channel can be created or axl_false if not.