typedef void(* VortexListenerReadyFull)(char *host, int port, VortexStatus status, char *message, VortexConnection *connection, axlPointer user_data)

Async notification for listener creation, similar to VortexListenerReady but providing the reference for the VortexConnection created (representing the listener created).

Functions using this handler:

Optional handler defined to report which host and port have actually allocated a listener peer. If host and port is null means listener have failed to run.

You should not free any parameter received, vortex system will do this for you. If you want to actually keep a copy you should use axl_strdup (deallocating your copy with axl_free).

This function is similar to VortexListenerReady but it also notifies the connection created.

hostThe final host binded.
portThe final port binded.
statusThe listener creation status.
messageThe message reporting the listener status creation.
connectionThe connection representing the listener created (or a NULL reference if status is not VortexOk).
user_datauser data passed in to this async notifier.