void vortex_listener_send_greetings_on_connect ( VortexConnection listener,
axl_bool  send_on_connect 

Allows to configure a master listener connection (created via vortex_listener_new and similar) to not wait for client BEEP peer greetings to issue listener BEEP greetings.

See also vortex_listener_new for more information. By default BEEP listener waits for connecting client to send its BEEP greetings and, once received and processed (usually using CONNECTION_STAGE_PROCESS_GREETINGS_FEATURES), the listener sends back its BEEP greetings.

This function allows to control such behavior.

listenerThe listener connection to configure.
send_on_connectBy default axl_false. axl_true to issue the BEEP greetings on client connect without waiting for client BEEP greetings.

References CONN_CTX, and vortex_connection_set_data().