axl_bool vortex_profiles_register_extended_start ( VortexCtx ctx,
const char *  uri,
VortexOnStartChannelExtended  extended_start,
axlPointer  extended_start_user_data 

Allows to register an extended version for the start message.

Extended version supports the same than VortexOnStartChannel handler but also giving support for the profile requested, the serverName attribute, the profile content and the profile content encoding.

Most profile definitions doesn't need the extended version for the start message received. If the profile being implemented doesn't need the profile uri, the serverName, the profile content and the encoding you should use the start handler defined at vortex_profiles_register.

Once defined the extended handler, the start handler defined at vortex_profiles_register will be ignored.

ctxThe context where the operation will be performed.
uriThe uri profile to register the start channel extended
extended_startThe handler to be invoked when an start message is received
extended_start_user_dataUser defined data to be passed in to the handler.
axl_true if the extended start handler was configured, otherwise axl_false is returned.

References vortex_hash_lookup(), vortex_hash_replace(), vortex_mutex_create(), vortex_mutex_lock(), and vortex_mutex_unlock().

Referenced by vortex_sasl_accept_negotiation_full(), vortex_tls_accept_negotiation(), vortex_tunnel_accept_negotiation(), and vortex_xml_rpc_accept_negotiation().