VortexEventMask * vortex_event_mask_new ( const char *  identifier,
int  initial_mask,
axl_bool  initial_state 

Allows to create a mask with the provided identifier, initial event mask and an initial activation state.

identifierUnique string that will be used find the mask installed on the context.
initial_maskInitial mask configuration.
initial_stateif the event mask is enabled or disabled. The mask must be enabled to take effect (vortex_event_mask_enable).
A newly created reference to a VortexEventMask with the provided data. You must use vortex_event_mask_add to add new events to mask (block). Once you are done, install the mask by using vortex_pull_set_event_mask. Remember to activate the mask (if you did not provide an axl_true for initial_state) by using vortex_event_mask_enable.