axl_bool vortex_pull_set_event_mask ( VortexCtx ctx,
VortexEventMask mask,
axlError **  error 

Allows to install the provided event mask (VortexEventMask) on the selected context (VortexCtx).

ctxThe context where the mask will be installed.
maskThe mask to install. Its effect will be cumulative with other masks installed. It is not required to unref (vortex_event_mask_free) the mask before exit vortex. This is already done by vortex_exit_ctx.
errorOptional axlError reference to report textual diagnostic errors.
axl_true if the event mask was installed, otherwise axl_false is returned and error is updated with a textual diagnostic along with an especific error code.

References vortex_ctx_get_data().