typedef axlPointer(* VortexSaslCommonHandler)(VortexConnection *connection, VortexSaslProps *properties, axlPointer user_data)

Common handler that unifies all SASL profiles allowing to manage all incoming SASL request, for all supported profiles, using the same handler.

This handler receives the connection where the SASL request is taking place along with the set of properties that defines the auth request. The type definition VortexSaslProps includes all elements required to complete the auth request.

For example, if a SASL PLAIN request is received, the handler must look into VortexSaslProps: auth_id, authorization_id and password and return axl_true in the case of proper validation or axl_false if not.

Other SASL profiles must return the password as provided by the user, in such case returning the valid password will complete the request while returning NULL will cause the auth process to fail.

The idea behind this handler is to server as a common implementation for new SASL profiles without requiring to all more API elements.

This handler is used with vortex_sasl_accept_negotiation_common.