void vortex_support_free ( int  params,

Allows to perform several memory dispose operations at the same time.

This function is mainly by Vortex Library but it could be useful for Vortex Library API consumers. Here is an example:

1 // perform a massive dealloc operation
2 vortex_support_free (3, // three memory disposal operations
3  // the first one
4  profile, axl_free,
5  // the second one
6  channel, vortex_channel_unref
7  // the last one.
8  serverName, axl_free);

As you may observed, you have to provide the reference to be deallocated an a destroy function which accept the reference to be unreferenced.

Any mistake produce calling to this function without providing the right parameters will cause unexpected behaviors and lot of fun debugging memory misfunctions.

paramsThe number of disposal operations to be performed.

Referenced by vortex_xml_rpc_notify_reply().