void vortex_thread_pool_new_task ( VortexCtx ctx,
VortexThreadFunc  func,
axlPointer  data 

Queue a new task inside the VortexThreadPool.

Queue a new task to be performed. This function is used by vortex for internal purpose so it should not be useful for vortex library consumers.

ctxThe context where the operation will be performed.
functhe function to execute.
datathe data to be passed in to the function.

References vortex_async_queue_push().

Referenced by vortex_channel_new_full(), vortex_channel_pool_new_full(), vortex_connection_reconnect(), vortex_http_connection_new(), vortex_payload_feeder_is_finished(), vortex_sasl_start_auth(), vortex_tls_start_negotiation(), vortex_websocket_connection_new(), vortex_xml_rpc_boot_channel(), and vortex_xml_rpc_invoke().