axl_bool vortex_mutex_destroy ( VortexMutex mutex_def)

Destroy the provided mutex, freeing the resources it might hold.

The mutex must be unlocked on entrance

mutex_defA reference to the mutex that must be deallocated its resources, and report the system to close it.
axl_true if the destroy operation was ok, otherwise axl_false is returned.

Referenced by vortex_async_queue_safe_unref(), vortex_async_queue_unref(), vortex_channel_free(), vortex_channel_free_wait_reply(), vortex_connection_free(), vortex_ctx_free2(), vortex_event_unref(), vortex_exit_ctx(), vortex_external_setup_unref(), vortex_hash_destroy(), vortex_http_setup_unref(), vortex_payload_feeder_free(), vortex_queue_free(), vortex_support_cleanup(), and vortex_websocket_setup_unref().