typedef VortexTunnelSettings*(* VortexTunnelLocationResolver)(const char *tunnel_spec, int tunnel_spec_size, axlDoc *tunnel_doc, axlPointer user_data)

Handler definition for the tunnel location resolution.

This handler is used by the TUNNEL implementation to provide a way to the user space code to translate tunnel locations provided.

Currently this is used by Turbulence to provide run-time translation for endpoint and profile configurations into host and port locations.

tunnel_specThe xml string defining the tunnel spec as defined in RFC3620.
tunnel_sepc_sizeThe size of the xml content.
user_dataReference to user defined data.
docA reference to an already parsed document.
A reference to the VortexTunnelSettings created with the new values. If null reference is returned, the TUNNEL engine will use the content as provided, without performing any translation.