int vortex_tunnel_accept_negotiation ( VortexCtx ctx,
VortexOnAcceptedConnection  accept_tunnel,
axlPointer  accept_tunnel_data 

Activates the required support to accept incoming TUNNEL requests, an application level request to tunnel a BEEP connection.

This function is required to accept incoming requests for the TUNNEL profile.

The first two parameters allows to provide an user space handler that is called to accept or not an incoming final tunnel endpoint request. This means that the listener side is receiving a request to create a normal BEEP session that is going to be TUNNELed, at least, by the peer requesting the session.

accept_tunnelThe function to be executed at the proper time to ask for accept tunnel the session or not. In the case no handler is provided, the default behaviour is to accept the tunnel request.
ctxThe context where the operation will be performed.
accept_tunnel_dataUser space pointer to data that will be passed to the previous handler.
axl_true if the profile have been activated, or axl_false if something have failed.

References TUNNEL_PROFILE, vortex_ctx_set_data(), vortex_profiles_register(), and vortex_profiles_register_extended_start().