In the context of the initial session creation, the BEEP peer allows you to get which is the role of a given VortexConnection object.

This role could be used to implement some especial features according to the peer type. Allowed values are: VortexRoleInitiator and VortexRoleListener.

VortexListener value represent those connection that is accepting inbound connections, while VortexInitiator value represent those connections initiated to a BEEP peer acting as a server.

You can get current role for a given connection using vortex_connection_get_role.


This value is used to represent an unknown role state.


The connection is acting as an Initiator one.


The connection is acting as a Listener one.


This especial value for the this enumeration allows to know that the connection is a listener connection accepting connections.

It is not playing any role because any BEEP session was initiated.

Connections reference that were received with the following functions are the only ones that can have this value: