Enumeration type used to represent the query operations that must support a VortexPayloadFeeder implementation.


Notifies the feed handler that it must return total amount of bytes pending to be send.

Currently PAYLOAD_FEEDER_GET_SIZE should return the entire message that was meant to be sent...however you can play with feeder by "increasing" dynamically this value (always increasing) if you want to send more content than the one initially expected.

As conclusion, you can always return the entire message or a bigger value then the last reported.


Notifies the feed handler to return next payload content to be send.

The handler receives in "data" the maximum amount of content required at this time.


Notifies the feed handler to return if the feeder have sent all content it represents.

The feed handler must return axl_true to notify finished or axl_false to notify there are pending content.


Notifies the feed handler to release all resources acquired.

When this signal is received, the feeder is about to be collected.