Connection options.

This options are used to modify default connection behaviour like default serverName notification on first channel.


Signals option list termination.


Allows to request serverName feature (currently implemented as x-serverName).

This connection option must be followed with a constant string having the serverName value that must be requested.


Allows to configure the serverName greetings feature as defined in the connection host name.

This is the default behaviour starting from Vortex 1.1 (release 1.1.3). You can disable by settings this connection option to axl_false. This connection option is ignored in the case VORTEX_SERVERNAME_FEATURE is provided.


In general you can reuse connection options (VortexConnectionOpts) across connection creation operations (vortex_connection_new_full).

However, CONN_OPTS macro is provided to allow configuring particular connection options for each operation. Thus this connection option is used to signal vortex_connection_new_full to release memory allocated.

This option must be followed by a boolean value: axl_true to signal release after connection creation, otherwise axl_false must be used (default value already configured).