Enum definition to configure stages during the connection creation.


Actions to be executed after the connection creation.

Only connections properly created are notified. Handler associated to this stage is run just after the BEEP session is stablished. This handler is executed after handlers configured at vortex_listener_set_on_connection_accepted.

Note this handler is called twice on TLS activation: one for the first connection and one for the connection creation after TLS activation. This is because both connections are diferent objects with different states. This also allows to setup or run different configurations for non TLS or and for TLS enabled clients.


Action to be executed on listener side to process greetings features received on the connection.

This handler is executed after the connection was accepted but just before fully registered so the handler configured for this connection stage can shutdown the reference (in such case must returned -1) or return 0 in the case the connection must be finally accepted.