axlPointer vortex_websocket_listener_port_sharing ( VortexCtx ctx,
noPollCtx *  nopoll_ctx,
const char *  local_addr,
const char *  local_port 

Allows to activate Vortex Library port sharing feature on the provided local listener address and local listener port.

Vortex Library port sharing is a feature provided by the core library that allows running pure BEEP protocol (as defined by RFC 3081, that is, running BEEP on top of TCP) but also activate other previous transports before running BEEP like BEEP over WebSocket or BEEP over TLS webSocket.

This allows to have on a single port an unified configuration that allows receiving normal BEEP conections and BEEP over WebSocket (with or without TLS), thus saving configurations.

ctxThe context where the port sharing feature will be enabled.
nopoll_ctxReference to the noPoll context that should be used by all noPollConn listeners. If you provide a NULL value, the function will create a new noPollCtx object. The function will acquire a reference to the noPollCtx object passed in. The caller still owns all references to this object.
local_addrThe local address to limit the port sharing operation (or NULL if it is required to be applied to any address).
local_portThe local port to limit the port sharing feature or NULL to enable it over all listeners ports.
The function returns a handler of the port share installed. This handler can later be used to remove this port share detector. The function returns NULL in the case of failure.

References vortex_ctx_set_data_full(), and vortex_listener_set_port_sharing_handling().