char * vortex_xml_rpc_method_call_marshall ( XmlRpcMethodCall method_call,
int *  size 

Perform a marshalling from the invocator provided (method_call) into the appropiate XML-RPC representation.

This function allows to convert the given method call into the XML-RPC representation. The function return the xml stream representing the invocator in a dynamically allocated value. It should be deallocated once no longer needed.

Additionally, the function allows to set a pointer to a integer (size parameter) so the function could return the xml stream size generated. This method is preferred over getting the xml stream and then using something similar to strlen.

method_callThe method invocator to marshall into the xml representation.
sizeA pointer to a integer where the size for the given stream will be returned. This is an optional parameter.
The function return the xml representation or NULL if it fails. The function will the that the method call object received is not NULL and all parameters required were added. This means that the method parameter count and parameters added count should be equal.

References METHOD_CALL_CTX, and method_call_get_param_value.