typedef struct _XmlRpcMethodValue XmlRpcMethodValue

Abstraction of a value stored inside a method call or a method response.

There are two main structures inside the XML-RPC model: The method invocator (XmlRpcMethodCall) and the method response (XmlRpcMethodResponse).

Both have values inside, the first represents method parameters, while for the second, represents a value response.

The way method values and method responses are represented is XmlRpcMethodValue.

It is an abstraction to hold a value, that could be manipulated by the same API.

There are several ways to create a method value. Here are some:

Once the method value is not required, a call to vortex_xml_rpc_method_value_free could be done.

Because method values are usually added to method responses or method calls, a deallocation operation is not required because this is already done once the deallocation operation is perfomed on the structure that holds the value.

There are several function to get the value actually stored inside the method value:

Finally, you can get the type of the value stored inside by calling to: