typedef struct _XmlRpcMethodCall XmlRpcMethodCall

Represents an abstraction of a remote procedure invocation.

This object represents the method name to be invoke, and the parameters it requires in a way that it is passed to the xml-rpc invoke API, enabling it to marshall its values into the XML-RPC reference format to be sent to the remote peer.

To create an object of this type you have to use the following:

Once created, you have to add parameter values, only if required. Method could have no parameters.

Parameters are represented by XmlRpcMethodValue instances. There are several function to create method values, here are some:

Once the method parameter (XmlRpcMethodValue) is created, it has to be added to the method call object (XmlRpcMethodCall) by using:

Once the method call is complete, the invocation could be done by using:

Once the object is not required, it must be deallocated:

Every method value (XmlRpcMethodValue) added to the method call is not required to be deallocated, this is already done by the previous step.