XmlRpcStructMember * vortex_xml_rpc_struct_member_new ( const char *  name,
XmlRpcMethodValue value 

Allows to create a new instance that represents an struct member.

The function creates a new struct member which is named by the given name, and holds an XmlRpcMethodValue reference, which could contain any method value supported.

The reference created could be deallocated by calling to vortex_xml_rpc_struct_free which not only releases memory allocated by the XmlRpcStruct instance but also for all of its members represented by XmlRpcStructMember.

Additionally you can also use vortex_xml_rpc_struct_member_free.

nameThe member name. The function will perform a local copy for the name provided.
valueThe XmlRpcMethodValue that will contain the meber being created. The function will create a reference to a newly created XmlRpcStructMember that will own the XmlRpcMethodValue reference provided. No local copy is done for this value.
A newly allocated reference to a XmlRpcStructMember that must be deallocated by using vortex_xml_rpc_struct_member_free or let it to be deallocated by calling to vortex_xml_rpc_struct_free, once the result is added as a member to the struct released. The function will return NULL if some parameter received is NULL.