typedef struct _XmlRpcMethodResponse XmlRpcMethodResponse

Abstraction to represent a method response object.

Once a XML-RPC method is invoked, a reply is done by using this type definition.

Method response is a combination of a type that support error reporting, including a error integer code and a textual error dianogstic, and a type that includes inside a single XmlRpcMethodValue.

Because a method could be executed returning a proper execution or reporting a error value, a call to vortex_xml_rpc_method_response_get_status is required to check if the method response is XML_RPC_OK or anything else.

For the case a XML_RPC_OK is received, a call to:

If method response is a negative reply, that is, anything else than XML_RPC_OK, the following functions are provided to get the faultCode and the faultString, representing the error reported by the remote peer side:

Finally, while programming at the listener side, and to enable programmers to report the fault code and the fault string, a macro is provided: REPLY_FAULT.