void vortex_xml_rpc_unmarshall_double ( VortexChannel channel,
XmlRpcMethodResponse response,
axlPointer  user_data 

(Un)Marshaller function used by the xml-rpc-gen tool, at the client C stub generated used as XmlRpcInvokeNotify function.

The function expect to receive a double reply, inside an XmlRpcMethodResponse, unmarshall it into a double value and the call to the process function, defined by XmlRpcProcessDouble handler, that is received as an argument at user_data parameter.

channelThe channel where the reply was received.
responseThe method response received (XmlRpcMethodResponse).
user_dataThe process reply, an user space callback, that must fit the definition for XmlRpcProcessDouble.

References method_response_free, method_response_get_fault_code, method_response_get_fault_string, method_response_get_status, method_response_get_value, method_value_get_as_double, and XML_RPC_OK.